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Certified Pre-Owned Mazda Inventory for Joliet, IL and Shorewood, IL Customers

If you are shopping for a used car in the Joliet, IL and Shorewood, IL areas, then you want a dealership that treats you like a local, and that will give you an honest, hometown deal. Mazda is an excellent brand to buy used, and Mazda of Bourbonnais has excellent inventory for used Mazdas in a variety of size categories and configurations at prices that will comfortably fit your budget. On this page, you can learn more about why Mazdas work so well for the Joliet, IL and Shorewood, IL areas and what it means for a vehicle to be certified pre-owned, which is a special term for our Mazda vehicles.

Certified Pre-Owned

Certified pre-owned, or CPO, is a designation for used vehicles that have to meet certain standards set by a dealer or the manufacturer. In the case of Mazda, it's the manufacturer that sets the rules. To be certified pre-owned, a Mazda has to go through a special inspection to ensure that all of its parts are of sufficient quality and reliability. Once a vehicle has passed that inspection, you know that it has been checked and verified to be in good condition. Additionally, CPO vehicles have special benefits. Mazda offers an enhanced and fully transferable warranty on their CPO vehicles, which covers repairs and roadside assistance. Additionally, Mazda frequently offers special reduced interest rates on CPO cars and SUVs, so the financing on CPOs tends to be better than on other used vehicles. By buying CPO, you get better quality as well as a better price, so it's the perfect option for getting the best deal on a used Mazda in Orland Park.


Mazda is a premium brand that specializes in comfortable interiors with cutting-edge tech and appealing performance options. Mazda technically isn't a luxury brand, although many people believe it is because its prices aren't high enough to fall into the luxury category. That ability to deliver a luxury experience without the corresponding cost is a big draw for Mazda, and by buying a CPO Mazda vehicle, you get even better value. Mazda makes both cars and SUVs, although generally, they top out at the midsize SUV size-- the manufacturer has rarely made large SUVs. Regardless of the size, Mazda vehicles also stand out because they tend to be well-built and more reliable than other vehicles of the same class. They're less likely to break down and need repairs, which is an extremely useful trait in a used vehicle. They also tend to be easy on gas costs, which further adds to the value. Mazdas are fun to drive and feel good on the road. If there's one general concern with the Mazda brand, it is that the infotainment interface can take some time to learn-- the layout is a little different from what you might expect from your experience with other cars. But in general, these are one of the nicest brands that you can find for daily driving, commuting, and trips from Joliet, IL to Shorewood, IL.

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The bottom line is that a certified pre-owned Mazda is truly an excellent deal when it comes to combining value for money, the driving experience, and performance. Learn more about the what is means to be Mazda Certified on our website, or, if you want to learn more about our inventory or schedule a test drive with a vehicle that you are interested in, then call us today. We'd be happy to speak with you about what we have available and talk about our favorable financing terms. We're excited about the Mazdas that we have in stock, and we look forward to being able to share that with you. If you haven't driven a Mazda before, one test drive might be all it takes to make them your new favorite. Whether you're in Tinley Park or Bourbonnais, contact us today to arrange a test driveĀ and/or for directions to our dealership.